Payment Methods

The ways you can pay in our store are:

  1. By cash on delivery.

The final amount of your order is paid to the Courier employee at the time you receive it.

  1. By deposit in a bank account.

You can choose which account serves you to deposit the final amount of your order. It would be good to make the deposit within 2-3 working days from the date of registration of the order.

In the depository, be sure to enter your full name as a reason.
In this case, your order is sent after we find out that the deposit was made and we send you an e-mail where we indicate the exact date of sending your order with the Courier we work with and the unique parcel search code.

Attica Bank GR5101604650000000083541610 (Beneficiary Evangelia Antigoni Zissi)

Piraeus Bank GR1701722380005238101282648 (Beneficiary Evangelia Antigoni Zissi)

  1. By credit card.

Online payment by credit or debit card is made through the security system of Attica Bank. For all your transactions on our Website, you are insured by Attica Bank. If Attica Bank considers that there is a risk and refuses to guarantee the security of a transaction, we are able to refuse the process of your order.